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Archaelogist with 20+ years experience and M.A. loking for work, willing to relocate...

The MooCow

Please see me LinkedIn profile for details of my work experience, skills, and education.


Paul A, Presenza

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Just being helpful here, but you might want to correct the typos in your heading (see Archaeologist and looking) if you want someone to check your resume.  To be honest, if I was hiring a crew now, I would pass right by anyone who did not spell "Archaeologist" correctly.

Once again, just looking out for you and I hope you are not offended.

Sylvia M.L. Kadlubowski, M.A, RPA
Archaeology Field Director
Arizona Army National Guard/Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

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Please contact me on August 27, 2013 to discuss.


Paul Nguyen
Mobile Environmental Services


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