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Fieldwork opportunities - The Apolline Project

Jennifer Palmer

The Apolline Project is involved in the study of artefacts and ecofacts from several sites in the environs of Vesuvius, thus it constantly seeks motivated archaeologists to train as specialists. The Lab Sessions provide a solid foundation to the study of ancient pottery, architecture, environment, archaeozoology, and human osteology, in the hope of nurturing the most talented archaeologists by training them as specialists for long term work with the project.

Each class is one/two weeks long and focuses on a specific subject; in general, the day begins with a short frontal lecture with powerpoint, followed by practical learning on the artefacts (some of which are extremely rare to find elsewhere, like the carbonised leaves). Teaching is tailored around the needs and interests of the students, thus the number of the participants is kept low (3-10).

The lab sessions run from July 29 through August 30 with the follow schedule of:
29 July - 09 August (one week of dig + one week of pottery). Cost is 400 EURO.
05-09 August (architectural drawing)
26-30 August (pottery)
26-30 August (architectural drawing)
26-30 (archaeobotany)

The cost to participate is 250EUR for 1 week, 400EUR for 2 weeks, and 170EUR for each additional week. This includes all tuition and accommodation.

Although one week is reckoned sufficient to provide a solid introduction to the study of a specific subject, students are encouraged to take 2-3 classes in a row in order to gain ampler experience. Students who wish to stay on in the accommodation for 1 week before and/or after the lab session of choice, are able to do so at no extra cost (but have to verify with us the availability beforehand).

The deadline for applications is 10 days before the beginning of the program of choice and those who apply will find out if they have been successful within two days of their application. Further details can be found on our website at and the application form at

For those seeking experience in archaeological fieldwork, the Apolline Project in the Campania region of Italy is now welcoming applications from students of all levels to participate in a major Roman dig. The site of Pollena Trocchia centres on a post-AD 79 bathhouse which seems likely to be part of a larger villa complex. The nearby sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum have made the powers of preservation of volcanic eruptions famous and Pollena Trocchia is another demonstration of this. The various eruptions down the centuries have helped archaeologists piece together a clear chronology; periods of habitation are interrupted by volcanic deposits that are often metres in depth. A diverse range of finds have been excavated and those participants with a special interest in human remains, ceramics, architecture, building materials and paleobotany will likely be well catered for.

The excavation runs from September 2-27 and participants must stay for a minimum of two weeks but there is no maximum; you are free to stay for the entire duration of the excavation if you so choose. The fees are 300EUR (roughly 260GBP or 400USD) for 2 weeks and 500EUR for 4 weeks. This includes all tuition and accommodation irrespective of your length of stay. The deadline for applications is August 15th and those who apply will find out if they have been successful within two days of their application. Further details can be found on our website at and the application form at



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