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Petitioning Antero Resources and the State of Ohio


"Antero Resources and the State of Ohio: Protect Native American Archeological Burial Grounds in Ohio owned by Bonds
The property is a prospective site for shale gas exploration, drilling and extraction. The property owners have refused multiple offers to purchase or lease rights on the property to drill for shale methane gas. That is their private right. Beyond that right, the property,and specifically the portion of the property Antero Resources seeks to excavate and drill, has also been identified as a Native American Burial Mound site. In addition, evidence exists that other significant and historic anthropological findings on this site may be disrupted or destroyed if excavation and drilling are performed on the Bond property. It is in the best interests of the County, State of Ohio, and Nation, if Antero Resources, and the State of Ohio are prohibited from allowing the imposition of Eminent Domain to procure the property, or any other legal or civil action, including the voluntary sale and use of the property for excavation and drilling for the purposes Antero Resources requires to recover shale gas from this property. Specifically, no excavation below grade should be allowed, and no sub-surface drilling should be allowed which might disturb or destroy any burial sites or archological relics of whatever archeological age, on the Bond Property, for any purpose."

Anybody know what this is about?

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