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Small GIS company looking for projects


GIS is more than just a spatial relationship to the earth. It's an intrinsic relationship that is dynamic and fluid, that can be measured, photographed and analyzed on a variety of levels. AspectGIS uses the most up-to-date GIS software to accurately interpret and display various geospatial data; from subsurface interpolation to high-elevation viewshed analyses.

Less than a year old, aspectGIS is looking for GIS projects that cater specifically to CRM work. If you're a student, independent archaeologist or small CRM company looking to source out your GIS projects, aspectGIS will gladly take on your work; the first one at no expense to you. 

To receive a services flyer, contact Kristin at or visit our website at for more information.

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You look hung-over in your bio shot. . .maybe something else?


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I would recommend adding a few more maps to your map gallery. It is very hard to judge your work based off one image that has a giant draft through it. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you.


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