Topic ID #29565 - posted 8/3/2013 7:48 AM

RAoS #191: ArchaeoTech - Chromecast


Google debuted its new Chromecast device. It's a $35 keychain-sized fob that plugs into the HDMI port on any HDMI compatible TV.  I see this device as a potential game changer for the hotel room experience. 

As a crew member, no longer would you have to watch a movie on your laptop with those tine laptop speakers straining to over power the air conditioner and the party going on outside your door. 

As a crew chief, you'll be able to show presentations on the TV in your room. I've worked for a number of companies that have crew members meet for the first time in the field. Having that first meeting at the tailgate of the truck without the benefit of visual aids sometimes requires the use of an active imagination. Imagine bringing the crew into your hotel room and showing them all your materials on the TV screen.

Check out my post on Chromecast and let me know what you'd do with it. Comment on the blog, if you can. I have a better chance of responding there.


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