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For hire... New England to Caribbean experience...



                                                       STEPHEN N. WHITTEN

                                                            175 State St. #34

                                                          Portland, M.E. 04101

                                                            Tel- (207)-450-1245


Objective: My immediate goals are to work in a professional setting to gain more experience in all                            aspects of cultural resource management. This will be done in conjunction of continuing my                       education, and working towards a Master degree in American and New England Studies and                       G.I.S.

Education:    B.A. Anthropology\Geography;University of Southern Maine; Portland and Gorham

                * Biological Anthropology                         * Urban and Regional Development

                * Ancient Mesoamerica                            * Human Ecology

                * Peoples of the North                              * Archaeological Laboratory Analysis

                * Archaeology of South America             * History of Archaeological Though

                * North American Indians                         * Public Archaeology

                * Physical Geology                                      * Public Interpretation in Anthropology

                * Cartography                                             * Ethnography: Methods, Ethics and Practice

                * History of Anthropological Thought    * Islamic Civilizations

                *Maps: Knowledge, Technology, Society and Culture

                * Environmental Geology                         * Research Methods

                * G.I.S. Applications                                    * African-American Historical Archaeology

                * Creating New England                                           * Reference, Research and Writing in History

Field Schools, Internships, and Experience

                *New Hampshire State Conservation and Rescue Archaeology Program (S.C.R.A.P.)

                 Director: Dr. Richard Boisvert; State Archaeologist for New Hampshire

                   - Crew Manager June-July 2012

-The excavation was located in Jefferson New Hampshire. The Jefferson 6 site contained   Paleo-Indian presence with many lithics and stone tools.  I was a crew leader for an adjacent survey from the primary excavation site. General site delineation that produced around 125 S.T.P’s with a 54% positive rate.

-Certified as a Survey and Excavation Technician by the N.H. S.C.R.A.P.


            *Abyssinian Meeting House in Portland, Maine 2008

                                Director: Martha Pinello

-This was a historic African American school from the late eighteenth century through the nineteenth century. Certified as an official Underground Railroad site, and is the only such site located thus far in Maine. I donated my time as a volunteer.

            *Field Schools and such…

                                Summer 2002; June, July and August

                                                Director: Dr. Nathan Hamilton

                                                -Special Techniques in Archaeology (Vibracoring in Casco Bay, M.E.)

This field school paradigm was based on the know presence of pre-historic sites along Casco Bay.  This was in conjunction with the Bellknap and Kelley “Relative Sea-Level Curve in the Gulf of Maine”; to research prehistoric ecology and sea level rise.

                                                -Archaeology of Casco Bay, Maine

In conjunction with vibracoring, several sites were investigated further. Long Island North in Casco Bay became a primary focus.  This was because of public outreach that led to an intensive investigation with the landowner engaged.  This was an Eastern Woodland site. Artifacts included terrestrial species, fish, pottery and stone artifacts.

                                 Summer 2000 & 2001; June, July and August

                                                Directors: Dr. Dave D. Davis, Dr. Nathan Hamilton and Dr. Ken Wilde

                                                -Archaeology on St. John, U.S.V.I.

These summer sessions consisted of an intensive excavation of a classic Taino site located at Cinnamon Bay on St. John.  Various other sites were investigated along with a Historic Dutch plantation site.  This site contained slave burials from a cholera cemetery that was eroding into the ocean. Human remains recovered. These sites were located in the U.S.V.I. National Park, and conducted under the direction of National Park archaeologist, Ken Wilde.


                                Fall 2000 and Spring 2001

-Internship for Earth Search Inc.  This was a CRM firm located New Orleans, L.A. Owned and operated by Dr. Jill-Karen Yakubik.  As an intern I was involved in all aspects and projects for the company; from phase 1 to full data recovery and analysis.  Projects included pipeline and road surveys to full mitigation and data recovery of plantation sites.                                                                                                                                 

                                Fall 2001 through Spring 2003

-For several semesters I was a laboratory assistant for Dr. Nathan Hamilton at the University of Southern Maine.  My duties consisted of faunal analysis from various sites in Casco Bay along with sediment analysis from the several vibracoring projects.  Other archaeological investigations included an eighteenth century British colonial blockhouse. This site was located at Fort Hill in Gorham, Maine.

                                Spiller Farm Paleo-Indian site

-This site is located in Kennebunk and was intensively excavated by Dr. Nathan Hamilton in the late 1990’s. The site consisted of a single occupation with lithic debris of Mungsungon chert and several hearth features.

   Professional References:

                *Dr. Nathan Hamilton                                                      *Dr. Richard Boisvert

                 Associate Professor of Archaeology                                Director and State Archaeologist

                 University of Southern Maine                                          N.H. Division of Historical Resources

                 Tel- (207)-780-5321                                                        Tel- (603)-271-6433

                 Email-                                        Email-


Other Work Experience:

                *1990-2013 Homestead Building Supply, Kents Hill Lumber, M&W Enterprises

-These were businesses owned and operated by my family.  I was a yard foreman in charge of deliveries and scheduling. Also I did inside and outside sales, fixed hydraulics, heavy machine operator and did blueprint estimates.  Other duties include property management for post offices and federal offices that my family owned and leased to various government entities.  Also I was involved in Conservation Easements from the State of Maine on woodlots that we owned.           

                *2001 Bar Tender at Dixie Tavern; Canal St. New Orleans, L.A.

                *1997-1998 Residential Lending @ Peoples Heritage Bank (TD Bank) Portland, Maine

                *1998-1999 Salvaggio’s Deli; Pearl Street Mall, Boulder Colorado

-For this full service deli I was the morning shift manager and lead baker.  My duties included full prep service, bread making, vendor orders and cooking.

                *2001 Bar Tender at Dixie Tavern; Canal St. New Orleans, L.A.

Other References (non-archaeological):

·         David Casinelli                                                          * Tim Lessard

ACOSTA Sales and Marketing                                     Perpetual Bloom Tree and Landscape

Field Account Manager                                                Owner and Arborist                                      Tel: (443)-481-9277                                                            Tel: (207)-409-9440                          


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