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Looking for a job.. Willing to travel ill take anything


James William Byrne

259 Van Buren St (909)645-2171 Mobile

Colton, Ca 92324



University College of Riverside     September 2010-June 2012

-I obtained a BS in Anthropology

    - I recognize the importance of the sometimes contradictory unity of approaches to understanding the human condition in all its dimensions. 

  - I have a finely tuned sense of historical temporality that views change as normal as reproduction.

- I take account of the existence and potential significance of the variability and diversity of human beings, as both social and natural beings in space, place, and time.

-I provide culture, ensembles of social relations, and the human body itself with sociohistorial contingency.

- I do not separate the historical development of human societies or the human species from the events, contradictions, and forces that shaped their development in time and space.

  -I know that human activity can effect significant change as witnessed by the diverse array of societies that existed in the past and continue to form the present.

- I acknowledge the complex interrelations of consciousness, communication, and the subjectivity of individuals in particular sets of social relations.

    - I engage rather than shy away from the critical social, moral, and political issues of the day.

  -  I know that people occasionally do make their own history, and that some trajectories of change potentially have better outcomes than others.


Riverside Community College      September 2007- June 2010
  I received an AA in Humanities, and a AS in Natural Sciences

Work Experience

Fed-ex- Handler

November 2012-Present

-   Work under pressure to make sure the packages go out on time

-   Physical labor for extended period of time, by lifting heavy packages, and stacking them.

-   Unload trucks in an efficient manner.

UCR Dining Services- Student worker

 October 2010-June 2012

- As a student worker, I would serve the food, and prepare the food.

- I would clean the tables, and sweep and mop to make sure the place is cleaned.

- I would clean the bathrooms, and the kitchen area, and even take out the trash.

- When the truck came in, I would help lift the heavy objects and put them away.    

McDonalds - Crew     September 2006 – October 2010

Colton, Ca 92324

-   Prepared food items such as hamburgers as per the standards that are required

-    Received the customers pleasantly, took their orders, communicated orders to kitchen staff, served orders and prepared bills

-     Adhered to the quality and work standards of the chain

-     Maintained the equipments such as oven and grill in proper condition, Maintained cleanliness in the work stations

Grazianos Pizza –Dish boy   March 2006 – June 2006

Colton, Ca 92324

-   Cleaned the dishes, and put them where they belong.

-   Cleaned the bathrooms, and sweep and mop the floors.

Volunteer Experience     

Santa Clause Inc.  2005

-   Help the less fortunate get toys for their children for Christmas.

-     Checked the people in, to make sure they are who they say they are, and not people who are coming around multiple times.

-    Help pack the toys in to the peoples cars, so they don’t have to do it themselves.

-    Help organize the set up, and when closing, help put the stuff away.



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