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Looking for a volunteer/visitation opportunity, in CA, for my 2 kids


Hi, I know this might be somewhat of a stretch, but I am hoping to find, in [northern] California, an archeological dig site that my children and I might be able to visit. They are 10 and 12. They are homeschooled, and we have been reading a great deal about archeology, early human life, and so on. The opportunity to see an actual dig would be a huge treat for them, so I am hoping someone knows of something that would work! If you do know of something, post here, or you can reach me at

Thank you so much.

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Hey, I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities out there.  I'm not from CA but here is a link to their archaeological society.  I would shoot them an email:

Also, email some of your local  universities and ask when they hold their field schools (if they do them locally) and if they would mind you guys coming out for a couple days.  Most people don't mind if they get a chance to educate interested kids.

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If you're in the SF Bay area, you should try out the Presidio. They seem, from what I've heard and read, have a great program in archaeology, for the public and especially for kids. The research that has come out of there has been quite interesting as well. Here is a link to the website:

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It's a bit too late in the season this year, but check out Passport in Time. The USFS offers many opportunities to volunteer on many and varied projects throughout the year. While there is nothing on offer at the moment, after fiscal year end there may be new announcements for the 2014 fiscal year later in the fall or winter this year.



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