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B.A. Anthropology; MSc Social and Cultural Anthropology---Looking for fieldwork/experience/career


CHRISTINE LATCHFORD – Mobile: 1 (631) 525-9008

44 Catherine Street, East Northport, NY, 11731, U.S.A.


University College London                                                                                                             London, United Kingdom

Department of Anthropology                                                                                                                             Expected Graduation September 2013

Master of Science, Social and Cultural Anthropology                                                                                                 


State University of New York at New Paltz                                                                                      New Paltz, NY
May 2012

Bachelor of Arts Anthropology                                                                                                                                     

-Strong emphasis on the study of cultural Anthropology, geographical areas, biological anthropology, and related topics

Minor in Evolutionary Studies

Member of Sigma Eta Phi Honor Society


WORK EXPERIENCE_______________________________________________________________________________________

Town of Huntington

Vanderbilt Playground Camp (Art Director)                                                                                
Dix Hills, NY
June 2012 – August 2012         

-Responsible for all researching and implementing classroom lessons and activities                                        

-Built a positive classroom environment using conflict management and resolution skills

-Collaborated and established positive relationships with campers of all different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and age groups

-Duties included overseeing Counselors and managing campers


SUNY New Paltz

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (Museum Assistant)                                                                           New Paltz, NY
 August 2009-May 2011

-Assuring that all artwork and items on display maintained suitable protection and preservation                       

-Assisting in office tasks including Microsoft Word, Excel, Website maintenance, and other duties

-Creating a welcoming environment to all visitors by acting as a greeter and source of information for any inquiries


Study Abroad

Cardiff University (Student)                                                                                                         Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
January 2010- June 2010

-Studied abroad at Cardiff University as an Undergraduate                                                                       

-Developed skills including independent living management, adapting to new and cultural environments, international travel, budgeting, time management, safety precautions, and social and cultural knowledge

-Researched, planned, and implemented successful excursions to various countries including Ireland, England, Scotland, Malta, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Egypt


Town of Huntington

Camp Soundview (Counselor)                                                                                                 Northport, NY
  June 2009-August 2009

-Responsible for the safety and wellbeing of 20-30 individuals between the ages of 8-13                                       

-Utilized leadership, teaching, and creativity skills to carry out everyday educational and interactive activities

-Activities included swimming, nature walks, various sports, science projects, athletic games, arts and crafts


Huntington Hospital (Volunteer)                                                                                                     Huntington, NY
June 2006-January 2008

-Created a positive, helpful, and social environment within the Hospital                                                                    

-Duties included reading to patients, delivering food trays, folding linens, distributing flowers, running pharmaceutical errands, assisting in office tasks, and aiding Doctors, Patients, Nurses, and Secretaries in any requested tasks

-Became comfortable and acquainted in working with Intensive Care patients, nursery-age children, and elderly of all different cultural backgrounds.


Skipper’s Pub (Waitress, Hostess, Bus Person)                                                                 
Northport, NY
May 2006-July 2008

-Learned to work under pressure and in an efficient manner                                                                                     

-Created a healthy environment working with others of different social and cultural backgrounds as well as employed time management and conflict resolution skills

-Task included food service, cleaning, greeting customers, resolving issues, office tasks, and implementing positive social skills.


- Previously exposed to many different working environments and quickly adapts to various specialized databases and computer programs

- Academic and professional experience molded and honed extensive research skills to be able to successfully work with many mediums, including print, internet databases and journals, and open source material

-Extensive experience in various writing and research methods as well as highly proficient in Microsoft Office programs

- Lengthy background in teamwork and interaction in the academic and professional world

-History with adapting to new and cultural environments with dedication, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor


References Available Upon Request


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