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Archaeological Illustrator-25 years experience-works digital and worldwide


Valerie Woelfel

 Archaeological Illustrator



Full name: Valerie Ann Woelfel

Address: 1178 Thomas Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, 55104.

Phone: 651 649-1506 / 651 442-0997





    My combined  interest  in art and archaeology led me to a career as an archaeological illustrator. This is a field which combines a need for scientific accuracy with the skills of an artist and allows me to embrace my love of travel and fascination with the ancient world. I alternate work out of my studio in Minnesota with fieldwork abroad. When I started as an archaeological illustrator the techniques and tools used had changed little over the previous century. Now computer graphics has opened up exciting new options for recording archaeological data and making it available to other scholars and the public. I have a growing interest in how visual data, like my drawings, can best be incorporated into publications and digital databases to make it useful and meaningful to a wider audience. I enjoy being part of this exploration of new ways to tell old stories.



I am looking for long or short term positions anywhere in the world, but I would like to expand my work in the United States. It is my goal to expand my network of clients and contacts into new places and areas of study.



Augsburg College.

Bachelor of Arts. Studio Art, Anthropology.


University of Minnesota.

Graduate work. Ancient Studies.



University of London.

Archaeological illustration courses.


Field school:

Lewes Castle, England, University of London.

Saperton Roman site. England, Harlexton College.





Extensive experience as an archaeological illustrator at the professional level drawing a wide range of material from wall paintings to beads.

Computer literacy in Word, Windows, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Rhino.

Archaeological excavation, recording and finds processing.

Supervision and training of excavation students and volunteers.

Pottery reconstruction.

Problem solving skills and adaptability to new situations.

The ability to work independently and meet deadlines.





Freelance Archaeological Illustrator. 1991-present.

Hired on a project by project basis by different individuals to create illustrations for print and online publishing . Depending on the needs of the client these may by in pen and ink or use digital media such as Illustrator, Photoshop or Rhino.


Mendes. Egypt 2013 season.

Illustrator. Created illustrations of pottery and finds in digital format using Adobe Illustrator.


Idalion. Cyprus. Summer seasons 1997-2013. Bronze Age through Medieval.

Illustrator and excavator. Responsible for creating maps, plans and artifact drawings. Extensive involvement in publication, creating drawings and layout for books and articles using traditional and digital media

Excavated on site and trained and supervised students and volunteers.

Reconstructed pottery.

Taught archaeological illustration classes to students.





Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University. 2004-2010.

Illustrator. Responsible for creating illustrations for books and articles published by members of the Center. Drawings done in pen and ink or Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Chersonesos.  Ukraine. Summer seasons 2004, 2006, 2007. Greek through Byzantine.

Illustrator. Created artifact drawings using pen and ink and Illustrator and Photoshop for publication in print and online.


Metaponto. Italy. 2004 season. Greek.

Created illustration of ceramics in Illustrator for print and online publication.


Cuma, Temple of Isis. Italy. 1999-2001 seasons. Roman.

Created finds illustrations, maps, plans and reconstructions.

Worked in the lab on finds processing and protocol development.

Excavated on site. Trained volunteers.


Cadir Huyuk. Turkey. 2000 season. Chalcolithic through Byzantine.

Created finds illustrations.

Excavated on site. Trained students and supervised local workmen.

Reconstructed pottery.


Rhantidhi. Cyprus. 1997, 1998 seasons. Archaic through Hellenistic.

Created finds illustrations. 

Excavated on site. Supervised and trained students and volunteers.

Taught archaeological illustration class to students.


Sarakeno. Greece. 1996 season. Neolithic through Bronze Age.

Illustrator. Finds illustration, also recorded strata in deep sounding for geologists.

Excavated on site.


Pompeii. Italy. 1992-1996 seasons. Roman.

Created illustrations of wall paintings. Recorded damaged and fading paintings in pen and ink and watercolor.


Theologos. Greece. 1991-1993 seasons. Hellenistic through Byzantine.

Illustrator and excavator. Drew finds illustrations in pen and ink and recorded mosaic in watercolor.

Excavated on site. Supervised and trained students in excavation techniques.

Taught archaeological illustration course to students.


University of Minnesota. Jan 1988-June1991.

Archaeological illustrator. Worked for individuals in Ancient Studies, Anthropology and Classics departments as an illustrator on a project by project basis.


Kelheim. Germany. 1987, 1990, 1991 seasons. Iron Age.

Illustrator. Finds illustration. Maps and plans.

Excavated on site.


Aulnat. France. 1988, 1989 seasons. Iron Age through Roman.

Illustrator. Finds illustration.

Reconstructed pottery.

Excavated on site.


Sussex. England. 1986-1988 seasons. Iron Age through Medieval.

Excavated on a number of rescue sites.






My illustrations have been published in numerous journals, books and site reports. I have also illustrated a children’s book on ancient life, Daily Life in Bible Times: What Archaeology Tells Us. I am currently working on a series of illustrated Kindle guides to archaeological sites in Cyprus. All of the excavations I have worked on also have copies of my drawings for the purpose of record keeping.





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