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Seeking volunteer or field school opportunities in France


I am very interested in studying the Pleistocene populations in France, particularly the areas in Southern France that were populated by Neanderthals and Anatomically Modern Humans.  My primary interests in anthropology lie in paleoanthropology, paleopathology, osteology, and generally all things physical anthropology.  I speak French and love French culture, so I am greatly interested in this region for this reason as well. 

Does anyone know of any field schools or volunteer opportunities in France that are within my range of interests?  I have been searching everywhere to no avail.  Preferably looking for something for summer of 2014.  I will have my Bachelor's degree by then and have done other field schools - maybe I could get a position actually doing paid work on a site (unrealistic, I know)?

Please let me know if you hear of anything.  Thank you so much. 

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Hello Strudelle,

If you can read French, the French government publishes big lists of all the volunteer field schools every year on:

You can search or sort them by location, time period, etc. You can also sign up to get alerts.

There is no paid work, but they cover all of your accommodation and food, so you only have to pay to get yourself there and home again.

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Merci!  C'est exactement ce que je cherchais! 


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