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please help identifying this ancient egyptian artifact


Can anyone tell me meaning of pictures on both side of this item? i found it 26 years ago when i was a kid. and if anyone have any idea about it's value and date.

thanks in advance

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Hi MuratF

1- there is no picture. If you could attach one.

2- Archaeologists don't give values for objects. One, mainly because we are not appraisers and have no idea the value of an item. Two, it is considered incredibly unethical as prices encourage looting. You will put off almost all archaeologists from helping if you ask about prices. Archaeologists care about what people did and thought about in the past- not the current value of an item on ebay.

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well understood.i wish there was an option to attach photos of it.i could't find same item on websites like ebay during last 5 years.all letters on it in old egyptian alphabet.

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When you post writing- if you look to the far right of the control panel for adding text you should see a picture icon- it's labeled "insert item" you can attach an image.

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i couldn't make it that way.i copied below links of egyptian coin pictures instead.i hope someone can translate or explain.

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One question I guess is where did you find it?

It is looks like a tourist item. For a dollar you will be able to get the same thing on the streets of Cario. For 50cents you can get it from the factory in China.

Sorry but you probably don't actually have anything ancient. 

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i found it in Istanbul in 1986

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Yeah it is a tourist nick-nack. Like I said pressed out in a factory somewhere and sold in the thousands. Sorry to disappoint.

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I have to mirror DougRM's comments above, as if this were truly ancient, we would not give a value. However, as someone who has worked in Egypt numerous times, I can perhaps give a little more insight. 

It is a knick-knack, BUT it may be old - just not as old as you think.

This looks to me a lot like a segment from an Egyptian Revival Period bracelet. (actually, there were two waves of this period - the earliest in the early 1800s [when Napoleon's exploits popularized anything Egyptian - especially furniture and architecture], and again in the late 1800s to 1930s [especially 1922 into the 1930s because of - you guessed it - the discovery of King Tut]).  Some argue that there was a slight craze for anything Egyptian again in the late 1970s when the Tut exhibit made its rounds - but it really can't be called another "revival period".

What you have looks similar to a lot of Egyptian Revival pieces I have seen from the 1920s-30s.  I would look on ebay and other antique/auction sites using the term "Egyptian Revival jewelry"  to see if you can find something that matches what you have. Sometimes these are in brass, too, but yours looks silver. 

FYI silver in Ancient Egypt was more precious than gold, so finding an authentic artifact made of silver is pretty rare!

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Thanks for info Daph317


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