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Hey DesertWaker

Long time no see, how have you been?

As for the post- yeah very old news came out years ago. I would only add that it is a news article- so inflammatory, not exactly accurate, one-sided, etc. Also, I would add is this happens all the time, not just in archaeology. Did a two second google search and first story was a roof repair that went from 700 to 307,000 (yes hundred thousand)

years back when I bought my first house, a few months after we bought it I was hit with a massive water bill. Turns out a pipe had burst. I was told that if the leak was in the yard it would be a few thousand but if it was under the house it could be tens of thousands as they would have to ripe up the floor, fix the foundation, etc. Luckily, it was in the yard.

Archaeology works the same way. If you find nothing then the price is relatively cheap, but if you do find something the prices can really shoot up. The article is just using that fact to create an interesting piece of journalism to sell papers. I don't blame them, that is how newspapers work but probably not worth wasting too much more ink on (forgive the pun).

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Hi Doug. Have missed you on the arrowhead collecting forum. Ya, things get blown out of proportion, and especially negative  news relating to collectors.

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Yeah- been meaning to check back in there for a while now.


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