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Fed Civilians/Contractors


How are things going for you with the shutdown looming and furloughs?  Civilians just got to come back where I am(DoD) but what about everyone else? Also, how this might this affect contract renewals currently being reviewed.  Anyone heard much?

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For NPS I know seasonals who haven't finished up their 1039 and were supposed to be funded past end of fiscal year had the option of waiting it out in gov housing if they were renting. Perms and terms are using this to go on vacation. Overall mood very dour, a whole lot of important projects and their funding just pissed off into the wind.

My civilian contractor friends were pulled out of the field prematurely and are twiddling their thumbs hoping their employers can find some new projects.

Nobody is really expecting any type of news until the 17th when the debt ceiling thing happens.

ALSO: unless you are permanent Law Enforcement or one of the handful of lucky Maintenance folks you aren't working, so what I was told regarding contracts and the like is "Who knows this is f'ng up everything!"


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