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Archaeology Field Technician - San Diego


James Davisson

3811 Marquette Pl. 3E

San Diego, CA 92106



Phone: (803) 221-8200


Held Secret Security Clearance
Research Histories
Specialized Equipment

Geographic Experience:
    Southeastern US
    Ohio/ Mississippi River Valley
    Great Basin
    Southern California



·       Flawlessly archived 100 historical data and photographs weekly.

·       Successfully revitalized the “Voice of the Rivers” Program into the recruitment process for Brevard College allowing a total of 80 students the ability to participate.

·       Collected data to create a professional display encouraging students to enroll in the “Voice of the Rivers” program.

·       Using keen attention to detail ensuring 100% project recall for following departments.

·       Ability to complete Site Forms using ArcGIS 9, Word and Photo editing software.

·       Flawlessly washed, sorted and cataloged artifacts from various sites using company policies and procedures with standardized forms. 


Archaeology Field Technician

·       Performed the work under Phase I (survey and shovel testing), II (site testing and mitigation), and III (Excavation) conditions in seven states on multiple projects.

·       Site recording by-hand drawing maps and using professional handheld GPS units.

·       Identified historic and prehistoric artifacts including projectile points, clothing, and household items for collection based on project prerequisites.

·       Experienced in planning survey transect lines after researching project area and on-site topography.



·       Successfully accomplished the role as a logistics coordinator for the “Voice of the Rivers” 2008 group (10 students, 2 professors, 2 student leaders) providing support, supplies, and communication.

·       Serve as a point of contact for future “Voice of the Rivers” leaders.

·       Completed leadership training through the US Navy.

·       Successful at developing working relations with customers.

·       Able to responsibly handle large sums of money.



SONAR Technician                      U.S. Navy                                                    Nov. 2011 – Jun. 2013                       

Cashier                                            Bi-Lo                            Goose Creek, SC             Jun. – Oct. 2011                       

Assistant Supervisor               Exceed Landscape                  Goose Creek, SC              Jul. – Sep. 2011                       

Delivery Driver                        Dominos Pizza                                                             Charleston, SC            Jan. – May 2011                                                               

Archaeology Field Tech.            Gray & Pape                       Cincinnati, OH                       Nov. 2010                                                                                   

Archaeology Field Tech.         Cardno ENTRIX                 Salt Lake City, UT Sep. 2010 – Nov. 2010

Archaeology Field Tech. Brockington and Associates            Charleston, SC              Apr.– Aug. 2010

Archaeology Field Tech. Brockington and Associates            Charleston, SC    Nov. 2009 – Feb. 2010                                                                                                                                                                                   

Binding Technician       Mammoth Mountain Ski Area     Mammoth Lakes, CA Dec. 2008 – Apr. 2009

Archaeology Field Tech. Environment & Archaeology           Florence, KY                         Oct. 2008

Kitchen Assistant/ Cashier             Aramark                             Brevard, NC     Aug. 2007 – May 2008

Grounds Crew Member         Brevard Music Center                   Brevard, NC              May – Aug. 2007

Cashier                                            Ingles                               Brevard, NC     Aug. 2006 – May 2007

Grounds Crew Member         Brevard Music Center                   Brevard, NC              May – Aug. 2006

Kitchen Assistant/ Cashier             Aramark                             Brevard, NC      Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2005



California State Parks

Archaeology Intern           Southern Service Center               San Diego, CA        Oct. 2013 – Present


South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

Archaeology Intern      Southeastern Paleontology Survey      Allendale, SC                 May–Jun. 2009


US Forest Service

Archaeology Field Tech. Intern Ashley National Forest           Vernal, UT                 Jun.– Aug. 2008

Archive Technician Intern        Cradle of Forestry                   Brevard, NC                Jan.– May 2008           


Brevard College

Recycler                                     BC Recycles                          Brevard, NC     Aug. 2003 – May 2008                                                                                   

Logistics Coordinator            Voice of the Rivers                     Brevard, NC                Jan. – June 2008

Archive Research Project      Voice of the Rivers                     Brevard, NC              Aug. – Dec. 2007



Brevard College                                                                                                             Brevard, NC

Major: BA, Integrated Studies

Graduation: May 2008

Emphasis: Art History and Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education


Montpelier Foundation                                                                                            Jun. – Jul. 2009           

(SUNY Plattsburgh)                                                                                                        Orange, VA

Field Archaeology Course


University of Nottingham                                                                                               Nov. 2008           

Rock Art Course                                                                                             Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


US Navy                                                                                                          Nov. 2011 – Feb. 2013           

SONAR Technician Surface                                                                                                                 

·       Leadership Training

·       Electronics Training·       Advanced SONAR training            



San Diego County Archaeological Society


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