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University of California Los Angeles Anthropology Major looking for job or internship


Karlye Marshall

Willing to relocate anywhere

 (719) 761-1508



    Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology                                                                      June 2013

Coursework include: Cross-cultural Holistic, International/Global Information, Biology, History, Linguistics, Humanities, Research Methods, Theory, Socioculture, Archeology, North American Archeology

Skills obtained from the major: Interviewing skills, Careful record keeping, Strong skills in oral expression, Supplement statistical findings with descriptive data gathered through participant observation, Working with diversity

UCLA Track and Field

Division I Student Athlete at UCLA for 4 years

  • Received athletic scholarship to represent UCLA nationally at competitions
  • Time management skills, Determined, Disciplined, and Coachable 
  • Trained Monday through Saturday for multiple hours while keeping up with grades
  • Very competitive, Leadership, Pushes through adversity
  • Quick learner, Able to handle stressful situations, Self-motivated

  • Certificates: 
  • Basic Training for the Medicolegal Death Investigator School
  • University of New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator
  • Investigate how a body/person has died by examining the body and assisting in autopsy

Client Related Experience

UCLA Football Assistant Recruiter                                                                     Summer-Fall 2012

  • Helped to recruit the Nation’s top football players to play at UCLA
  • Worked as a secretary in the UCLA Football office, answered all phone calls
  • Worked with high school coaches from all over to get tickets for the UCLA games
  • Fearless ability to talk to anyone on the phone
  • Able to work in a fast paced environment during UCLA football games
  • Directed top recruits around during the UCLA football games to show them the experience of playing for UCLA and playing at the Rose Bowl 

Leadership and Service

Volunteer at Marathon for Kids

  • Helped to teach kids about being healthy, 
  • Encouraged and ran with elementary school children around UCLA track

Volunteer at Prime Time Kids

  • Taught and played sports with disabled children 
  • Supervised children’s safety and activities

Wooden Academy

  • Attended workshops to learn about Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success
  • Learned practical leadership lessons from UCLA Coaches and Bruin Alumni



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