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Adelphi University Field School Programs 2014


Locations: Alaska, Crete, and Guatemala 
The Adelphi University Department of Anthropology welcomes applications from graduate and undergraduate students interested in Anthropology or related disciplines to join any of our four 2014 summer field opportunities. Taught by experienced faculty with student-instructor ratios among the lowest available, these programs emphasize a wide range of experiential learning opportunities. 

This summer we are offering three archaeological field schools and a new course in Maya ethnography. In addition to our undergraduate programs in the Susitna valley, we also offer an advanced course in the middle Tanana valley of interior Alaska, and our longstanding bioarchaeological field school on the Island of Crete. 
For more information on any of these programs, please visit our website below.  

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Recent student evaluations:
Prof. Wygal was a fantastic instructor during this field school, he was relatable and easy to talk with yet still conveyed the necessary knowledge and control that a professor should. He did a wonderful job of making the time I was with him enjoyable and the learning exciting. The most important thing that Brian did was teach me real life skills that will help further my academic career no matter what field I choose. I would very much enjoy taking another class with Professor Wygal. 

The course was designed perfectly. It taught me what I needed to learn about archaeology without wasting any time fooling around. The course allowed me to get hands on experience instead of just observing others.

This course showed me the steps that are involved in preparing for a field school, and the thought process behind the archaeological procedure in the field. The course also helped to set up future field schools in this area by revealing the challenging aspects of camping in this specific area. 

I highly recommend this course to any aspiring archaeologist that likes hard work and camping while learning about prehistoric Beringia 

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This summer, consider field schools in Alaska, Crete, or Guatemala. Adelphi offers student-professor ratios lower than most available programs.

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Still accepting applications, request your packet now by emailing and be sure to follow us on facebook at


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