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Greece- Gonies Field School





Dates: June 15 - July 14, 2014

Project Description: The Three Peak Sanctuaries of Central Crete project investigates Minoan peak sanctuaries in the rocky mountainous province of Malevyzi. This field school focuses on ethnographic research at the area – particularly at the village of Gonies. Our goal is to use local knowledge to inform and enrich the archaeological interpretation of the Peak Sanctuaries. We will focus primarily on toponyms, traditional oral histories and local mythologies, and folk memory of places and structures now long gone. For 2014, we will work collaboratively with municipal social workers and a team of students from the local polytechnic university to compile an ethnographic and census database of the village. Work will involve visiting households door-to-door, gathering information about family size, age, gender, ways of livelihood, skills and material culture. Data will be entered into a digital database, which will be a valuable tool for the community itself, the municipal social services and the archaeological team. 


Academic Credits: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) through Connecticut College.

Total Cost: $ 5,200

Accommodations: Students will live in the newly refurbished community school in Gonies. Lodging is comfortable but basic. Students will share large common rooms, kitchen and toilets. Hot water will not always be available. 

Meals: All meals will be communal events at the project dining area. Students are responsible for their own weekend meals. Food will be basic, but plenty and nutritious, based on local produce. The local diet is based heavily on meat and dairy products and an abundance of olive oil, but fresh vegetables and legumes will also be readily available. Specialized diets (e.g. vegan, kosher) are very difficult to maintain due to the remoteness of the place. Vegetarians may attend and will be catered, but the food options may be fairly limited. Kosher or other food restrictions are impossible to accommodate in this location.

Travel Information: Students traveling to Heraklion (HER) by air will be met at the airport. Students traveling by boat will be met at the passenger terminal of the Heraklion port. You must arrive to Heraklion by June 15 (Sunday) at 1:00pm

If you missed your connection or your flight is delayed, please call, text or email to the project director.  Local cell phone numbers and other emergency contact information will be provided to all enrolled students.

Visa Requirements: Greece is a party to the Schengen Agreement. As such, US Citizens may enter Greece for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Stiff fines may be imposed for overstaying the 90-day period. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of your stay. For more information on travel in Greece, please visit the US State Department Travel Advice page

Health: For specific information regarding travel health issues pertinent to travel in Greece, consult with the Centers for Disease Control website.

Project Directors and Contact Information: Dr. Aris Anagnostopoulos, University of Kent (

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