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US CA- Wind Wolves Field School





Dates: June 15 - July 19, 2014

Project Description: Located in the heart of interior South-Central California, the Wind Wolves Preserve lies at the interface between several rich habitats and contains some of the most spectacular examples of Native American paintings found anywhere in North America.  Since 2005, we have been investigating rock-art, habitation, and special-purpose sites throughout this region. In 2014, we will continue this work throughout the preserve with particular focus on the only known Chumash Cache Cave having extensive perishable material remaining in situ.   We will be conducting excavation both within and outside the cave in order to answer crucial questions about the function and meaning of this important site.  Students will be introduced to a range of archaeological methods and practices, including portable XRF use and 3D laser scanning.


Academic Credits: Attending students will be awarded 8 semester credit units (equivalent to 12 quarter units) through Connecticut College.

Total Cost: $4,300; includes tuition, cost of credit units, and room & board.

Accommodations: Students will be camping on the Wind Wolves Preserve.  Students will share tents with 1 or 2 other students (unless they provide their own tent). The preserve campground has toilets and running water, but no showers. A sun shower will be provided. There will be limited access to electricity.  

Meals:  On work days (Mon-Fri) and excursions, all meals will be communal events and will provide plenty of nutritious but basic food.  Our dig chef will prepare hot dinners but students will prepare their own breakfast and lunch from supplies provided by the project.   Students are responsible for their own meals on days off.  Vegetarians may attend but will find options fairly limited.  Other specialized diets (vegan, nut allergies, etc.) are difficult to maintain in this remote location.


Travel Information: We will meet at the Baggage Claim area of the Meadows Field Airport (BFL) in Bakersfield at 3:00pm on Sunday June 15. We will drive to the preserve from there. Students may drive their own vehicles if they like.

If you missed your connection or your flight is delayed, please call, text or email to the project director.  Local cell phone numbers and other emergency contact information will be provided to all enrolled students.

Visa Requirements: This is a domestic program.  Students coming from universities outside the US must contact the IFR for US visa information.

Health: Please check with your medical professional about conditions in California that may impact your health.  

Project Directors and Contact Information: Dr. David Robinson, University of Central Lancashire (; Dr. Julienne Bernard, East Los Angeles College (


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