Topic ID #30417 - posted 12/18/2013 2:40 PM

ancient people STINK!!


I just read about how the egyptians tried EVERYTHING!! (like melting wax onto their heads)

In ancient mesopotamia, there was a style of building houses that used an internal courtyard and a narrow shaded street to create a convection current that cooled and ventilated the house. 

in 1902 a book on sanitation was published that talks first about how only so many people can occupy a space (rooms and such) and how fireplaces are superior to stoves for heat because they provided a powerful convective force which ventilated the room (sending the rooms air up the chimney, and drawing fresh air in through the doors and windows). 

Ancient mesopotamia predates nearly everything,I wonder if there are other descriptions of convection ventilation for ancient architecture?? 

Like churches? castles? what about the mighty indus civilization, which was basically a single building? what about other urban forms which were densely populated? 


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