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experienced fieldtech seeking work


Joey Sherrill
201 Hastings Rd.
Athens, AL 35613
(256) 206-5712

Goals   and  a brief introduction

My immediate objective is to obtain a position on your upcoming project/s  and hopefully contribute fine work in and around the southeastern region while assisting in any possible way on your upcoming project in the greater Tennessee Valley/Southeastern area.  I have worked on several(20ish) phase ones of varying lengths.(most at least a few miles in rough terrain) and helped  discover  several  potentially eligible sites in the region and have always done so with a smile on my face. I also have approximately one year  of phase III experience in the southeast on both historic, “protohistoric”  and prehistoric sites  as well as  4 additional months of phase III experience on what was a spectacular  Middle Woodland site along the Canadian border in Swanton, VT.   


Fall 2009

Lab technician for

PanAmerican Consultants (Tuscaloosa , AL)

While at PanAm I washed, analyzed, and helped in the curation process of both historic and prehistoric  artifacts most of which most were from their Fort Benning, GA contract.


January2011- June 2013

Field technician for

Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research Inc (Huntsville, AL)

During my time at TVAR I worked on four large phase III sites (lasting 10 months)  one of which was a late archaic, two were proto-historic Choctaw sites, and one was a historic site.  I also worked on a phase III on the Joe Wheeler Plantation in North Alabama  during this time as there was a shortage of local field techs at the time. I was given the opportunity to work on a cemetery removal project in collaboration with Mississippi State University in Jackson MS. I also  worked on several phase I surveys while at TVAR and helped in the discovery of several previously unrecorded sites. I also worked in the lab during times of no field work while at TVAR.


June 2013-September 2013

Field Technician for

Northeastern Archaeological Research Center, Inc (Farmington, ME)

At NEARC I worked on a phase III which consisted primarily of a Woodland component with portions containing a late archaic component both of which were buried deeply in alluvial deposits along the Missisquois River in Swanton, VT. 



Fall 2008-Fall 2011

The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)

BA in Antrhopology

>    My education included  a field school in 2009 at Moundville (mound P), under direction of Dr. Blitz, and Jeremy Davis. I also took human osteological training with Dr. Jacobi, and my studies also involved a  heavy emphasis on  southeastern archaeology with Dr. Knight. A  CRM course with Dr. Clouse also prepared me for my entry into the CRM world.   


Dr. Keith Little - Senior Archaeologist at TVAR (256) 705-4545

Rusty Holloway - Staff Archaeologist at TVAR (850) 624-1188

Daniel Turner- Field Director at PanAmerican (Tuscaloosa,AL) (205)556-3096

Dr. Gemma Hudgell-Project director at NEARC (207) 578-8535

M.A. Hunter Johnson director at TVAR (256) 283-4819

More references available upon request


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