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Archaeological Summer School Transylvania 2014


Field School Description:
The project is developed in collaboration with different Romanian institutions (Institute of Archaeology and History of Art of the Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Arad Museum). All students will have the opportunity to engage in various activities. Effective participation in an archaeological investigation is, in our opinion, the only opportunity to learn and fully understand the methods applied in field archaeology.

Schedule and Location
19th May-28th September 2014: Excavations at Sântana - Bronze Age Fortified Settlement ( Sântana – Arad county)
19th May-28th September 2014: Non-invasive investigation of tell settlements in the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin


Accommodation conditions will vary throughout the project, depending on our location (the archaeological site investigated at the moment), ensuring that these conditions are decent (clean bedrooms, bathroom, Internet access, etc ...)

The cost of participation is 200 euro per week. There are no other fees.
This cost covers local transportation, accommodation, meals (3 meals per day) for the entire period of participation – including weekends and guidance.
If certificates of attendance at the field school and excavations or signed university forms are needed, we are pleased to assist. Contact us for more details regarding credits.



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