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Opinions on Graduate Study: Osteoarchaeology or Maritime Archaeology


I am researching graduate schools. What are the pros/cons from people here regarding getting an MA/MS in osteoarchaeology or maritime archaeology.

I am an American looking at overseas opportunities, and I would like to transition out of the US to pursue my career. 

Opinions on each degree (preferably from people that actually have the degree) is appreciated. 

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I got my MSc in Paleopathology in the UK. While it was great to have while I was there, had a job with an archaeology firm right after graduating, that was prior to the government change over, a lot of changes in the Visa system, and prior to the recession.

Unfortunately half my company got cut with the recession hit in 2008. I ended up being desperate for work but wanting to stay in the UK so I went into political work.

Fast forward to now - had to return to the US when the Visas ran out, and there just isn't a lot of specific work for osteology folks. I could have probably gone back to doing digging STPs and doing the shovelbum thing, but instead I've gone a completely different route. Created my own photography business and do odd seasonal work to make some more money.

When I was looking for any work upon my return to the states, most employers look at my resume and either interviewed me because they want to me an archaeologist and nothing more (they told me this!!!), or didn't have a clue what my MS was so didn't know why I was applying with them. I've learned to leave off the fact I have a masters if I actually want a job outside archaeology.

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Either degree - if you do choose to do it, staying in academics (doing a PhD and such) is the best option if you can manage to get a grant and visa to go with it.

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Thanks for the responses. I intend to continue with a PHD, and would likely try to stay overseas.


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