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NMU 2014 Summer Field-School on Beaver Island, Michigan


NMU 2014 Summer Field-School on Beaver Island, Michigan

Location: Beaver Island, Michigan (Lake Michigan Island)

Dates: May 18 - June 14

Join Northern Michigan University students and Dr. Scott Demel on Beaver Island, MI this summer as we explore the island's early history and prehistory. We will continue our investigation of the MPS-Isle de Castor site, a multi-component historic, proto-historic, and Middle Woodland site. We will also conduct shovel probes in our search for the island's earliest occupants.

Register for AN355 Seminar in Archaeological Field Methods (6 credits); estimated additional cost of $1200 for 4 weeks of room and board, 3 meals a day, round-trip ferry ride, and island transportation to/from sites. We anticipate having limited scholarships available to students to help offset the fee (application information is available at the NMU archaeology field school web site below).

The archaeology field school will be held for four weeks - May 18 to June 14. We will be staying in rustic cabins and/or dorms at CMU's biological field station (beds, electric, hot showers; tent camp sites if you prefer), and we will enjoy our meals (3 per day) at the cafeteria. Enjoy the island's diverse wildlife, swim, fish, kayak, snorkel, and explore the many historic sites. For more information see NMU's Anthropology web site.


Email Dr. Demel:; or call 906-227-2843.


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