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Learn about the exciting world of human skeletal remains in a fieldschool that is designed to teach the students in the most interactive ways.

This is the first Forensic Anthropology fieldschool in the entire Mediterannean region and it enables students to acquire practical & theoretical knowledge in the examination of both modern and archaeological skeletal remains.

While most fieldschools use only archaeological material, the FA FIELDSCHOOL IN CYPRUS enables students to participate in a hands-on experience analysing skeletons from a modern (21st century) collection in the island of Cyprus.

Archaeological remains are also used to teach taphonomy, preservation and analysis differences.

You will be taught the following:
1. Forensic anthropology ID techniques
2. Dental and skeletal pathology
3. Methods of recording, database development, analysis and interpretation of skeletal remains
4. Bioarchaeological methods of analysis for human remains
5. DNA sampling for human ID
6. Osteological sorting for comminge and disarticulate remains (mass graves and multiple burials)
7. Bone histology
8. EThics and management in the repatriation of the deceased

In collaboration with Texas Tech University, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) and the Cyprus Dept of Antiquities.

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