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Grad school dilemma


Ok, so I am a junior anthro major/Geology & Art History minors with a 2.8.   Make your own museum studies degree - although I'd rather be an archaeologist since I love artifacts so much, but they don't offer much here.  I am Not a good standardized tester, the GREs scare me to death, so I am thinking that maybe I should stay at my current university and do a GIS certificate.   They don't have an anthro master's, or GIS, but they do have Geology - and I won't have to take the GREs to go here.  Although to do Geology, I would need more math and I just don't know if I can handle it (paralyzing fear of math).

What are job prospects for someone with the BA in Anthro and a GIS cert?   I know partly it's who you know, and you get places sometimes through internships and volunteering.  But what kind of jobs can someone do with the BA and the GIS cert?  I look on here and see people talking about working for the Fed, what do those people do?  I don't mind archive work, and I don't *have to be out in the field.

Do you think it's possible to take the GIS cert and then go to a Masters program without having to take the GREs?     Or maybe I should go someplace and just take a class or two without being enrolled in a degree program, so the professors get to know me?

I wish there were places I could go without needing the GREs.  Testing well does not make you a good student.


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