Topic ID #31670 - posted 3/9/2014 12:14 PM

Native remains may hold up construction at Round Rock subdivision

Charlie Hatchett

The human burial is located within a part of the series of sites I've been recording over the last 9 years. From what I can tell the burial is in Late Archaic strata, but I'm heading down to the site to get a better idea from the Texas State archs on site.

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Charlie Hatchett

As I suspected, the so called burial is right in the middle of a midden that has been heavily looted for at least 10 years. The sicking part about it is bones have been tossed all over the place throughout these years. I attempted to contact the former landowner several times over the years with no response...for obvious reasons. Now he has his money and it's the developers problem...

Some of the artifacts recovered by the potters:

Some topos of the midden from 2008:


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