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Cave Prediction Model Fund via RocketHub Crowdfunding Campaign


Advanced Research Laboratories & Information Systems, ARLIS, was founded as a nonprofit in the state of Kentucky in January 2014 in order to conduct archaeological and speleological research.  This crowd-funding campaign will provide us the ability to attain 501(c)3 recognition and conduct our research.  

This research will not only allow for the prediction of cave locations it will also allow us to investigate and discern a cave's archaeological potential, document and preserve any artifacts therein, document the cave's biology, including bats (documenting any cases of "white nose syndrome"), and document attributes of the cave.

Thank you for your support.

Arlis Johnson
Executive Director/President

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Kewl,  tell us a little more about the project.  Got any plans for a public outreach component?  

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We do intend on a public outreach component.  We intend on having a discussion on the importance of: preserving archaeological sites, white-nose syndrome (bats), cross-contamination of caves, etc.

The predictive model, along with providing ARLIS quantitative data for our research, will also be used to provide a service to environmental, or other, groups at our discretion.  100% of these funds will fund other ARLIS projects.

Thank you for your interest.

Arlis Johnson
Executive Director/President

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We only have 73 days left to raise the funds needed to create the Cave Prediction Model.  Our research depends on your support. You can help us to find and preserve undocumented archaeological sites/artifacts, undocumented cave species, AND help to find new sources of "white-nose syndrome" suffered by bats. ARLIS has a crowdfunding campaign at RocketHub Inc. to help us raise the funds to create the Cave Prediction Model (CPM). Also visit and click the button on the Project or Gear page to be linked to the campaign page. Thank you for your support.

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Advanced Research Laboratories & Information Systems Corp (ARLIS) only has 38 days left to raise funds via our RocketHub crowdfunding campaign:

As a nonprofit organization we rely on public funding.  Donations of ANY amount are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your support.


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