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Queensland: Maritime Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum Gold Coast Wreck Conservation Project


This Field school is a practicum which provides students with opportunities to participate in the workplace environment and will be held from the 7th-19th of July 2014. Occasionally, maritime archaeology fieldwork opportunities arise in which students may assist government agencies, consultancy firms, non-profit groups or other universities. This topic provides students with the ability to participate in these projects and receive one-on-one guidance and instruction with immediate feedback on their performance. This practicum will allow students to put their theoretical learning into practice, develop a sense of the workplace, enhance their employment prospects through additional training, build a network of contacts, and develop a range of personal and professional work skills. This topic will be taught in intensive mode during a full week, including two weekends, and will necessitate involvement and input from a range of maritime archaeology practitioners. SCUBA diving qualifications are not necessary for participation. The body of the topic will comprise practical exercises, field work and associated lecture/seminars. For further information, visit our website at


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