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Field School in Historical Archaeology Fort Massachusetts, Colorado


          Fort Massachusetts was the first US fort built in Colorado after the territory became part of the United States.  It was occupied from 1852 to 1858 when it was relocated to a more suitable location and renamed.  It represents a poorly documented time of significant change in the organization of the US military.


          Adams State University, Alamosa, Colorado will be conducting its fourth season of excavations on the site from June 16 to July 23, 2014.  The course can be taken for undergraduate history or anthropology credit or, with some additional requirements, graduate credit.  Although it is an historic site, all of the techniques taught are equally applicable to prehistoric archaeology.


          Living conditions are semi-primitive.  Students provide their own tents and food, but cooking, dining, shower, and toilet facilities are provided.  Work is conducted in three, 10-day sessions separated by two 4-day breaks.  An optional field trip to Chaco Canyon is offered in the second break.


          Costs are $800 for the entire six credits.  For further information, go to the field school website:

To apply, use the “Apply” link and submit the application online.  For specific information not covered by the website, contact Dr. Richard Goddard via email:


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