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Oil boom produces jobs bonanza for archaeologists

Jennifer Palmer

Oil boom produces jobs bonanza for archaeologists
By JOSH WOOD Associated Press Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TIOGA, N.D. (AP) - Drilling crews are eager to plunge their equipment into the ground. Road builders are ready to start highway projects, and construction workers need to dig.

But across the hyperactive oil fields of North Dakota, these and other groups have to wait for another team of specialists known for slow, meticulous study: archaeologists.

They are the experts who must survey the land before a single spade of dirt can be turned, a requirement that has produced a rare jobs bonanza in a field that forces many highly educated professionals to hop from project to project around the world and still struggle to make a living.

Without the oil boom, a lot of young archaeologists might “never get the experience,” said Tim Dodson, who endured a long job search before finding work overseas and later coming to North Dakota.

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The Bakken isn't exactly a cheap place to live:

When traveling, per diem tends to be $46 - $56 a day with a motel provided. But $56 a day in the Bakken is hardly enough money to eat, everything is very expensive!


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