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Looking for work in PNW and California. Willing to travel. please critique C/V


Brian C. Hannah

3705 SE 35th pl. #2 Portland, OR 97202 / 1(541)270-2357 /


Zamartze Roman Archaeology field school Uharte-Arakil, Spain

Sept. 2012

Surveyed at Roman site of destruction dating as far back as the 2nd century and up to the 5th century. Excavated dwelling artifacts such as coins and burnt building materials. Familiarized with common excavating tools including trowels, brushes, hand picks and screens for at least eight hours per day. Learned about the history of the area and the prole it played during the height of the Roman empire. Learned techniques in excavating ancient human skeletal remains, as well as identifying human skeletal anatomy.

University of Oregon Eugene, OR

Sept. 2007 – Jun. 2012

B.S. in General Science (Biological Anthropology, Geology) with a minor in Business Administration. Completed introductory and advanced courses in archaeology and biological anthropology. Upper division course work in business administration.

Anthropology 150- introductory archaeology

Anthropology 443- N. American archaeology

Anthropology 361- Human Evolution

Anthropology 369- Human growth and development

Anthropology 330- Hunters and Gatherers

Anthropology 410- Methods in evolutionary anthropology


AECOM Portland, OR

Archaeology technician

Nov. 2013-present

Surveyed recorded archaeological sites using pedestrian surveying and shovel testing (50% of the time). mapped boundaries and artifact locations using GPS units (5% of the time). Hiked to desolate or rugged locations (5% of the time). Coordinated with team members to recognize and record site features (20% of the time). Monitored various heavy machinery in the field recovering artifacts (20% of the time).

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Newport, OR

Seasonal Experimental Biological Aide

Jun. 2011- Sept. 2011, Apr. 2012 - Aug. 2012

Interviewed commercial fishermen in regards to daily salmon catch (50% of the time). Stayed in contact with fishermen about dates of sale to fish buyers (15% of the time). Talked with local fish buyers to coordinate buying times for salmon, identified salmon to species, took lengths and checked for fin clips and internal tags (15% of the time). Used field data computer to input data (5% of the time). Monitored movements and habits of local salmon fleet (15% of the time).

Conducted interviews with marine recreational anglers landing into the ports of Newport and Depoe Bay, Oregon, regarding fish catch; identified fish to species (groundfish, salmon and tuna), and collected biological data, including lengths of fish (40% of the time). Checked fish for external fin clips and internal (PIT) tags (10% of the time). Entered interview data into hand-held field micro-computer (15% of the time). Monitored anglers for compliance with Oregon regulations, coordinated violations with Oregon State Police(5% of the time). Along with this I assisted with the quality control of data (QA/QC) and analyzed video to estimate or check boat counts for estimating total fishing effort(30% of the time).

University of Oregon Eugene, OR

Information Technology Assistant

Nov. 2011 – Mar. 2012

Responded to faculty issues with computers and printers, including software and hardware issues (40% of the time). Set up labs for classes and made sure they had the right software to do their experiments with (50% of the time). Along with this I updated the biology department website through the program dreamweaver (10% of the time).

Beverly Beach State Park Newport, OR

Seasonal Park Ranger

Jun. 2008 – Sep. 2008

Managed front office reservations and register, using the computerized reservations system, keeping track of who was in which space and for how long (60% of the time). Operated medium to large machinery such as weed whackers, lawn mowers, 1-ton trucks, and golf carts to assist with park beautification projects (20% of the time). Drove to parks within the district with park truck for restroom cleaning and maintenance (20% of the time).


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