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non us citizen work


hello. I am greek and I am currently working as an archaeologist in Scotland. How can I get a job there? almost all ads require us citizenship
than you

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With the caveat that I'm not a legal professional...

To work in the US as a non-citizen you need the appropriate visa, which if I recall correctly is a H1-B for a specialist job like archaeology. To apply for one of these visas you will need the sponsorship of a company in the US and it will need to be proven that you're not taking the job of an American (again, if I recall correctly). The costs for a 3 year-work visa are somewhere in the realm of $6,000-7,000 and even with an expedited visa it can still take many months to go through. Along the way you have to fill numerous forms, go for interviews at a US Embassy, have your qualifications independently validated etc. etc.

If you acquire a visa, you can only work for the sponsoring company. When that position, or the visa, ends you may not continue to work unless another company is willing to sponsor you. If the position doesn't end but your visa does, the company will be required to process another visa request (which will cost roughly the same).

Given the costs, the time to bring someone over, the general abundance of archaeologists in the US, and the principally short-term nature of the employment? Most companies aren't going to foot the bill to bring someone over, which is why speaking very generally you'll mostly only see it for archaeology/anthropology professors coming over to teach at the college/university-level.

Of course, there may be exceptions to this that I am unaware of since I am, once again, not a legal professional.


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