Flinders University's Maritime Archaeology Program is now accepting applications to participate in the Maritime Archaeology Field School 2015.  This is an exciting opportunity as it is also being offered as a short course.  By offering it as a short course, those individuals who are not currently enrolled at a university may still participate. Avocational and volunteer archaeologists are encouraged to apply.  Upon completion of the field school receive training certification through AIMA/NAS level II and/or III (level III requires that  participants have attended a two-day conference in the past or future). 

The cost of field school is comparable to the tuition and fees Flinders University's Australian and international students pay. There are a limited amount of spots available, so please express interest early.

Follow the link below for the application and more information on the field school. 

Please contact Dr Jonathan Benjamin (jonathan.benjamin@flinders.edu.au) with further questions. For further details on all aspects of this field school follow this link http://www.flinders.edu.au/ehl/archaeology/fieldwork/field-schools/maritime-field-school/