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Looking for Field/Lab Technician work in Southern ON/Western NY


Taylor J Dilliott 

Currently Located in SW Ontario
E: M: (289) 969-1847 



Cultural Resource Management & Archaeology 

Hard working Archaeologist who undertakes difficult tasks, works well under pressure, meets project deadlines and delivers a superior quality of work. Proficient in a variety of different excavation techniques as well as human and non-human bone identification. Works with a strong sense of urgency and is able to thrive with minimal supervision. Core competencies include: 

Cultural Resource Management · Faunal Analysis · Archaeological Survey & Assessment·  

Artifact Identification & Analysis · Classical Studies · Excavation · Conservation ·   

Tool Maintenance and Repair · Topographic Surveying 



Professional Experience  


Gournia Excavations, Crete                      June 15 2012-July 29 2014 (Seasonal) 

One of the largest archaeological projects on the island of Crete, employing over 100 volunteers and workers to complete excavations, artifact analysis and research on the Minoan palace of Gournia. 

Archaeological Field Worker  

  • Worked with a small group of people to carefully excavate several trenches ranging in size from 21 square meters to 4 square meters 

  • Gained experience using pickaxes, mattocks and trowels while removing surface layers of soil and carefully removing any archaeological artifacts.  

  • Used various measuring tools such as a Total Station to triangulate, elevate and record the location of specific objects or architectural features within the excavation area 

  • Sorted and cleaned archaeological remains based on styles, periods and quality 

  • Used both dry and wet sieving techniques to aid in the discovery of smaller finds  

Faunal Remains Analyst 

  • Worked at the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete as a faunal remains analyst under the supervision of Matthew Dysart, PhD candidate at the University of Buffalo 

  • Identified, interpreted and catalogued any animal remains discovered on site by comparing to a reference collection or consulting textbooks 

  • Assisted with the implementation of a digital database for the finds and any items of interest complete with recorded information and detailed photographs  




Golder Associates, London Office          September 2013-December 2013 (Seasonal) 

Junior Archaeological Field Technician  

  • Worked under a variety of supervisors in various weather conditions completing stage 3 and 4 excavations throughout Haldimand county in Southern Ontario for the Samsung Green Energy Project 

  • Learned the proper method for conducting archaeological excavations in Ontario using spades and trowels  

  • Was able to recognize the differences between natural and worked artifacts for collection and cataloguing purposes 

  • Used a variety of tools to measure and triangulate areas of interest within excavation units and while laying out grids for future excavations 





Bachelor of Arts – Classical Studies Major  September 2008 – April 2013 

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario  


Archaeological Practicum (Field School)GourniaCreteJune 15 2012-July 28 2012  

Offered through Brock University  


Technical Skills 

Data Entry · Report Writing · Database Construction · Historical Research  

Proficient in Microsoft Office: advanced Access · Power Point · Word


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