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Field Archaeologist/ Crew Chief, Nevada and California


Alain Pollock, R.P.A, M.A.

Archaeologist/ Crew Chief based in Reno, Nevada
I have several years of experience working in the Great Basin and California and am familiar with the archaeology, terrain, and legal requirements for fieldwork in both states. Though I have worked primarily as a field technician and field supervisor, I am also experienced in archaeological lab analysis and lab supervision, collections management, and report preparation. Currently I am seeking positions in Nevada/ California, but would welcome the opportunity to work elsewhere. Travel/ camping is no problem. Please contact me (see above email) for professional references. 

Curriculum Vitae:


  • University of Toronto, M.A., Anthropology, 2008
  • Bryn Mawr College, B.A., Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, 2007 Magna Cum Laude
  • Geo-Archaeological Field School, Tell Abraq, United Arab Emirates (Bryn Mawr College) 2007
  • Mortuary Archaeology Field School, Giecz, Poland 2006

Job Related Certifications and Training

  • Registered Professional Archaeologist
  • Current Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Surface Training
  • Qualify to be permitted as a Crew Chief on BLM lands in Nevada
  • 2012 Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP): Section 106 Essentials

Professional Skills

  • Pedestrian Survey
  • Excavation of prehistoric and historic sites/features
  • Excavation of human remains
  • Report production
  • Database development
  • GIS data collection (ArcPad and TerraSync)
  • Site recordation and records management
  • Archaeological collections management
  • Archaeological laboratory supervision

Professional History

  • 2011-2014, Field Supervisor, Kautz Environmental Consultants, Reno, Nevada

From 2011 to 2014, I was retained as a full-time field supervisor with Kautz Environmental Consultants.  In this capacity, I was responsible for the management of crews during recording, testing and mitigation of archaeological resources, and for ensuring that all work was completed in compliance with state and federal guidelines.  Additionally, I directed and supervised laboratory analysis and documentation of prehistoric artifacts recovered from mitigation, and assisted in the production of reports.

  • 2008-2011, Project Field Technician and Crew Chief, Nevada and California

Between 2008 and 2011, I held a number of project-specific, generally short-term, positions as an archaeological field technician and/or crew chief.  During that time, my work included survey and surface inventory, subsurface testing, and mitigation of historic and prehistoric archaeological sites in Nevada and California.  My primary responsibilities as a field technician and as a crew chief varied according to each project, but typically included field mapping of sites using handheld GPS units and GIS software (ArcPad and Terra Sync), inventory and documentation of features and artifacts (narrative description, photography, sketches), excavation and documentation of test units, and the completion of standardized site forms according to California and Nevada requirements.

Less frequently, my tasks and responsibilities included the excavation of potential burial sites and removal of human remains; preparation of a nomination to the National Register of Historic Places for a historic property; and management of large crews across state lines.

    • 2011
      • Field Technician Tierra Environmental Consultants, San Diego, California
        • Phase I pedestrian survey and recordation of prehistoric sites in Imperial County, California.
    • 2010
      • Crew Chief  Chambers Group, Inc., Reno, Nevada
        • Class III pedestrian survey for a proposed fiber optic line along US 395 between Carson City, Nevada, and Bishop, California.
      • Field Technician Summit Envirosolutions, Reno, Nevada
        • Phase III Mitigation of historic sites along the Ruby Pipeline Corridor (Nevada)
      • Field Technician and Project Lead CH2MHill Inc., Edwards AFB, California
        • Phase I pedestrian survey of land parcels within Edwards AFB; recordation of historic and prehistoric sites, nomination of military camp to National Register of Historic Places
    • 2009
      • Field Technician Kautz Environmental Consultants, Inc., Reno, Nevada
        • Phase III mitigation of prehistoric sites in White Pine County, Nevada
      • Field Technician Garcia and Associates, Big Bear Lake, California
        • Phase I pedestrian survey and recordation of prehistoric and historic sites in Riverside County, California
    • 2008-2009
      • Field Technician Summit Envirosolutions, Reno, Nevada
        • Phase III mitigation of historic and prehistoric sites, excavation of human remains in Eureka and Lander Counties, Nevada



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