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Archaeologist seeking position as Field Technician. Willing to relocate or travel as necessary.


Matthew Joseph Previto

 (631) 698-0686

28 Emm Lane

Roslyn, New York 11576

Dedicated, hard working and passionate archaeologist about to graduate with M.A. in Anthropology and looking for employment. Six months excavation experience in varied contexts, ranging from a Roman fort to American colonial cabins. Willing to travel and relocate as job requires. Also has basic training in GIS and Museum artifact conservation. 


Columbia University,

Masters of Anthropology, Concentration: Archaeology                                                                Expected October, 2014

Overall GPA: 3.66

Binghamton University, State University of New York                                                           December 15, 2011

Bachelor of Arts with High Honors, Specializing in Anthropology and History with a concentration in Archaeology

Overall GPA: 3.8; History GPA: 3.95; Anthropology GPA: 3.74

Dean’s List: Spring 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2011, Fall 2011

Honors Thesis: The Sterling Great House in the Chacoan Regional System

Utica College

Bachelor of Arts, Specializing in Anthropology and History

Overall GPA: 3.65; Anthropology GPA: 3.6; History GPA: 3.93

Dean’s List Fall 2007, Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009


Halmyris Archaeological Excavations, Murighiol, Romania                                                   6/28/2014-7/27/2014


·         Excavated 2nd to 6th century Roman Fort

·         Excavated large scale military architecture

·         Identified, cleaned and catalogued artifacts

Thompson House Excavation, Setauket, NY                                                                        6/30/2013-7/28/2013                       


·         Excavated archaeological features and artifacts

·         Engaged in archival research project focusing on the slaves of the Thompson family

·         Handled eighteenth century diaries and letters

·         Researched other colonial era houses on Long Island

Columbia University Intern in Digital Social Sciences Center in GIS                                        10/2012-6/2013


·         Learned Basics of ARCGIS

·         Mapping, raster and vector data storage

·         Prepared presentation for Library Board on the application of GIS to archaeology

·         Designed instructive exercises for symposium on archaeological GIS

Totah Archaeological Field School, Farmington, NM                                                                               06/2011


      Excavated archaeological features and artifacts

      Profiled and mapped Test Units and trenches

      Cleaned and Catalogued artifacts

      Conducted architectural, ceramic, and lithic analysis of Sterling Great House Site for Honors Thesis

Binghamton Archaeological Field School, Lowman, NY                                                                          06/2010


·         Excavated archaeological features and artifacts

      Used Total Station to survey archaeological site

      Profiled and mapped Test Units and Shovel Test Pits

      Cleaned and catalogued artifacts

      Researched context and historical significance of archaeological artifacts

American Museum of Natural History, Manhattan, NY                                                                8/2009-12/2009

Fall Intern

·         Classified and catalogued archaeological artifacts

       •    Researched context and historical significance of archaeological artifacts

      Cleaned and preserved archaeological artifacts

      Handled and analyzed nineteenth century site reports and seventeenth century manuscripts.

Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, Cold Spring Harbor, NY                                                                        05/2009-08/2010

Summer Intern

        •   Researched and handled historical documents for summer exhibit

        •   Cleaned and preserved archaeological artifacts

Utica College Albanian Archaeological Field School, Smithtown, NY                                           05/2008-07/2008                                                                                                        


        •   Traveled to Butrint, Albania, Corfu, Greece, and Bucharest, Romania

·         Studied and researched classical to 19th century period artifacts

      Conducted physical anthropological research on 13th century human remains

      Helped diagnosis evidence of pathological damage in human remains

      Researched the history of European cultures through their physical and cultural remains


Computer Skills

      • ARCGIS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Archaeological Skills

  Excavation and artifact conservation

  Surveying and Total Station

  Handling and cleaning of artifacts




Dr. Christopher Matthews:, 973-655-3063

Dr, Brian Boyd:, 212-854-1390

Dr. John Karavas:


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