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MA Graduate Seeking Employment in U.S.A.



Current address: New Jersey Tel: Will Provide. Email:

Personal Statement
I am currently completing a Masters in Historical Archaeology at the University of Leicester, UK. My interests range from faunal and lithic analysis to architectural history, and I love to research and learn new topics. I view myself as hard working, conscientious and a strong team player, with good communication skills. In addition to my academic work, I have 3 years of experience in retail and 8 years in running a childrens’ camp and I am always looking for challenges in life.


Education History


2013-14                University of Leicester

 Masters in Historical Archaeology, January 2015

Will Graduate with Merit

Core modules taken: Archaeology of the Modern World, Doing Historical Archaeology, Standing Buildings, Historical Archaeology of England

MA dissertation title: The Asylum Landscape in North Wales: Architectural History in Context


2010-13                Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, May 2013

Bachelor of Arts in German: Language and Literature, May 2013

Certificate in Culture Heritage and Preservation, May 2013

Core modules taken: Introduction to Archaeology, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Human Evolution, Asian American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology of Death, Anthropology of Space and Place, Introduction to Geology, Faunal Analysis, Archaeology of Australia, Historic Preservation, Cultural Heritage and Preservation, Advanced Seminar in Archaeological Theory, and Honors Anthropology

Senior Honors Thesis Topic: The Migration of People from Siberia into the Americas: A Lithic Analysis of Stone Tools from Meadowcroft, D’ Uktai, and Monte Verde


2006-08                Hamilton High School West

High School Diploma, June 2008

Honors and Awards


2006-08                National Honor Society at Hamilton High School West in Hamilton, NJ

2008                        Hamilton Star 2008 English Award Recipient

2008                        Received Eligibility for NJ STARS Awards Program

2010                        Study Abroad Scholarship: Rutgers University Department of Germanic     Languages 

    6 week, 6 credit Study Program in Berlin, Germany

    Core Modules: German Art and Architecture and Intermediate German     Language and Literature



Work Experience

11/3/14- Present Stell Environmental Enterprises Rangeley, Maine

                  Key Role/ Duty: Field Archaeologist

  Correctly fill out paper work for the excavation unit, take Munsells, record artifact locations and quantities, and GPS coordinates,.

Assist Senior Archeaologists in a Phase I Survey of over 5,000 acres in Rangeley, Maine.

Screen soil for artifacts and properly collect them for cataloging.

Assist in Survey of mountainous terrain to find appropriate locations for testing, and set up grids.

Properly dig Shovel Test Pits  50 by 50 centimeters in order to test for cultural material.

    Supervisor Information Provided upon Request



10/19/14 – 11/3/14 Montpelier Archaeology Expedition Orange, Virginia

                  Key Role/ Duty: Volunteer Archaeological Technician
Worked closely with Senior Archaeologists to wash, gradient sort, and water screen artifacts. 

Assist senior archaeologists in the excavation of the South West Yard of the Montpelier Estate landscape in the search for a dairy, based upon the evidence of a historical drainpipe.

Correctly fill out paper work for the excavation unit, take Munsells, record artifact locations 
and quantities, GPS coordinates, excavation conditions, elevations, and take strata photographs. 

Screen soil for artifacts and properly collect and catalogue them.

Maintain a safe and friendly work environment for both employees and public site visitors.

        Supervisor Information Provided upon Request


7/26 – 8/20/14 Charnwood Roots Project Anstey, United Kingdom

                  Key Role/ Duty: Volunteer Supervisor
Worked closely with Volunteers to monitor the set up, progress and completion of 5 Shovel Test Pits

Maintain a safe, friendly, and fun work environment

Teach and assist volunteers to dig a Test pit at 1x1 meter, draw plans and profiles, sieve, bag artifacts properly, and backfill.

    Supervisor Information Provided upon Request




3/12 – 5/12 Hunter Research Inc. Trenton, NJ (100+ hours) Internship                             

Worked closely with Senior Archaeologists to properly wash, bag, and tag artifacts. The majority of this work was spent on the maintenance of the Brearley House collection (28Me297).

Assisted on a Phase IA, IB, and II excavation under the supervision of a Sr. Archaeologist.
Phase I included the digging of 31 shovel test pits. Phase II sought evidence of a walkway for reconstruction.

Assisted in gathering information for the formation of a project proposal, by     reading and assessing reports compiled for various sites, gathering together maps, both historical and modern, in order to better understand the potential project as well as research for a potential historical building. 

Assisted in a monitoring project, which took place at Fosterfields Living History Farm in Morristown, NJ prior to a barn raising.

Drew accurate side profiles and sketches for data recovery, took accurate Munsell readings, and compiled accurate context descriptions for shovel test pits.

Assisted with an educational program for children (8-11 yrs old) in Crosswicks, NJ where we performed 4 shovel test pits as well as a building assessment, of the Crosswicks Meeting House, plus washing, bagging, and tagging artifacts and record keeping of proper Munsell chart and context descriptions.

Supervisor Information Provided upon Request


2008-2010 Hamilton Township Department of Recreation Hamilton, NJ

                  Key role/duty:  Student Clerical Assistant

Filing paperwork in an orderly and timely fashion

Experience with all Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point), use of a copy machine to
send out permit copies to various Municipal Departments, and answering telephones and taking messages.

Interaction with community members in order to enhance their experience of various events and parks, and dealing with complaints respectfully but following policies at the same time.
Experience with assisting in the set up of events in numerous historic buildings, such as
Kuser Mansion and the Ray Dwier Recreational Center.

Assistance in the coordination and set up of special events such as Hamilton
Septemberfest, Winter Wonderland, and Fall Harvest.

  Learning about all the responsibilities and teamwork necessary to maintain a functioning      and friendly environment.

Supervisor Information Provided upon Request


2004-2011          Happy Days Summer Camp Hamilton, NJ                          

                  Role:      6/04 Junior Counselor

Worked under a Senior Counselor in a group with a 1:2 staff to camper ratio. Received the Jr. Counselor of the Year Award from the camp Directors.

                                    6/05 Senior Counselor 

                                    6/06 Senior Counselor

Worked in charge of a group of 6 campers and 2 or 3 Junior Counselors in which I maintained the safety of both the campers, as priority, and Junior Counselors.

                                    6/07 Arts and Crafts Director

                                    6/08 Arts and Crafts Director

Directed Arts and Crafts for the entire camp. Planned, assisted, and scheduled activities     and projects.

                                    6/09 Co- Assistant Director

 Directed the camp by scheduling and completing all paperwork

Also interacted with parents and campers in order to deal with issues and discrepancies

Worked closely with the director to supervise camp activities for 50 campers and 30 staff

Assumed director’s responsibilities in the director’s absence

6/10 Assistant Dierector

·        Directed the camp by scheduling and completing all paperwork 

·        Also interacted with parents and campers in order to deal with issues and discrepancies

·        Worked closely with the director to supervise camp activities for 50 campers and 30 staff

      Assumed director’s responsibilities in the director’s absence
6/11 Director 
Maintained a safe environment for 50 campers and 30 staff.

Scheduled daily activities

Dealt with any behavioral problems and coordinated with parents accordingly.

Maintained Safety Regulations

Kept records of problems and inspected equipment for deterioration from use.

    Supervisor Information Provided upon Request

2006-2013     Hamilton Area YMCA Hamilton, NJ                                                

                  Role: Swim Instructor

Teaching children ages 3 through 15 swimming lessons in both group and one-on-one settings

Taught the S.C.O.R.E. Program (The S.C.O.R.E. Program assists special education children in sports at the YMCA, in this case swimming lessons) for children ages 3 through 17 in group and one-to-one settings

Teaching Adult swim lessons for both beginners and intermediates

Teaching family lessons at various swimming levels


     Supervisor Information Provided upon Request


2010-2013          White House Black Market: Chicos, FAS Hamilton, NJ                                  

                  08/12 – 9/13 Sales Lead

Set up schedules and fill out daily reports.

Training of new hires.

Sales floor management

Worked closely with associates to ensure that they complete their sales goals and
  provide comfort for every customer

Developed a weekly sales projection for every week

Monitored areas in which sales associates need work, ways to continually coach for better


                  11/10 Sales Associate

·       Worked closely with Managers to complete sales goals and provide a comfortable experience to each and every shopper

·       Memorization of store set-up and stock in order to recommend and access easily merchandise for a customer

Maintained friendly atmosphere for the benefit of other employees and each customer

Supervisor Information Provided upon Request


Other Information


      NJ State Driving License  

      First Aid and AED Certified

      Intermediate German Language Skills

       Much travelled – countries visited: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Eastern U.S. Coast


Provided upon request



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