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Balkan Heritage Field School season 2015!


Dear colleagues, partners, students and friends,

I am pleased to announce that the Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) has just opened the application session for the next field school season in 2015! 
Be sure to check out our website at: for exciting surprises and great deals for the new season!  
For the first time BHFS is introducing the SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – a special discount of 15% off the admission fee for ALL EXCAVATION PROJECTS available by 30th of November, 2014 and the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – a 10% discount off the admission fee for all projects and courses available all the time until January 31st, 2015! 
Also look for the special project packs combining up to three different projects located in two countries, providing a comprehensive and more extensive (for up to 8 weeks) experience! 
And last but not the least – you can benefit from all the tours around the Balkans including Istanbul and Troy (Turkey), Athens, Delphi, Philippi, Pella and Vergina (Greece) as well as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia! 

You are welcome to apply on-line at:

Come and join us in our cause of preserving the Balkan cultural heritage!

Anna Parmakova 
BHFS Admission Office


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