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Apollonia Pontica Excavation Project 2015


Location: Sozopol , Bulgaria
Session dates: Session 1: 27 June –11 July 2015 Session 2: 11 – 25 July 2015 Session 3 (extended): 27 June – 18 July 2015
Period(s) of Occupation: Archaic and Classical Greek and Early Byzantine (seventh - fifth century BC and fifth - seventh century AD).


 Project Description: Apollonia Pontica (present-day Sozopol, Bulgria) is one of the most ancient towns on the Western Black Sea coast. It was founded by Miletian colonists in the second half of VII century BC and was one of the richest and strongest Greek Colonies in the Black Sea littoral in Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Late Antiquity and Medieval period. It was famous with the colossal statue of Apollo, the patron deity of the town, once erected on present day St. Kirik island. Season 2015 envisions excavations at the top of the island, in the area of the Archaic and Classical Greek and Hellenistic temples, Ancient Greek copper foundry and the Early Christian basilica and necropolis, where the excavations from 2012 on take place. The field school comprises of the following modules: 1) fieldwork including excavations of archaeological layers and structures from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Early Byzantine periods, keeping a field journal on a daily basis, filling out context sheets and labels, drawing ground plans and cross-sections, 3D positioning of finds, taking coordinates with a level device, taking photographs at the site, etc; 2) lectures on Ancient Greek and Field Archaeology; 3) workshopson finds' processing including pottery cleaning, sorting, drawing, conservation and restoration; 4) excursion toNesebar (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and visits to archaeological sites in Sozopol. The participants who join either the three-week session (3) or the two project sessions (1&2) will be able to develop further their skills and competences regarding the archaeological field work and finds' processing, gained during the first two-week session and to attend a number of extra lectures and workshops and an excursion to the natural megalithic and archaeological complex of Begliktash. The participants who join the two project sessions (1&2) will take part in the workshop for conservation and restoration of Greek pottery. The participants could joint a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, for an additional fee. All participants receive a project handbook and acertificate of attendance.
No experience required, however the project is not recommended for individuals with solar allergies or other special illnesses that might be exacerbated during the intensive outdoor activities.
Accomodation is either at the Dom Mladenovi guest house of the VMK military club, both of which have comfortable rooms with ensuite. with two to three beds, bathrooms with shower and WC, equipped with air-conditioning, refrigerators, TV and Internet  and located very close to the town beaches, the Old Town Quarter, the Archaeological Museum and within 15 min walking distance from the archaeological site.  Three meals per day are covered by the admission fee.
Cost: SUPER EARLY BIRD SPECIAL by November 30, 2014 is 1189 EUR /1784 EUR/ 2378 EUR (app. 1498/2248/ 2997 USD) for participation in one /extended/ two project sessions. The admission fee includes educational and fieldwork activities, full-board accommodation (hotel + 3 meals per day), tools, materials, project Handbook, issue of Certificate of Attendance; excursions/sightseeing tours/entrance fees and administrative costs.
Academic Credit: New Bulgarian University offers 6/9 credits for participation in one/two project sessions for an additional fee!


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