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Coinage of the Ancient World: Summer School in Bulgaria, 2015


The ancient coins are not only a historical source with enormous value for the economical relations and the political history of the Ancient World – they could also be masterpieces of ancient craftsmanship and art, or a representation of certain common believes and values.

The work with ancient coins however requires a profound theoretical knowledge of the historical and social background, as well as a high degree of experience in recognizing the different coin types, emissions, and materials. The course introduces the students to this field and especially those whose interests are centered around the Study of Ancient History, Archaeology and Classics.

Located at the crossroad between different political and cultural landscapes, the lands of modern Bulgaria are abundant with coin findings from many cities, states or empires – from the earliest time of the Greek colonization to the Ottoman times. This presents a unique opportunity for a fruitful and engaging summer practice in numismatics.


Historical introduction to the History and Economy of the Ancient societies
Theoretical lectures on the coins of Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium
Visits to coin collections

After the course the students would have acquired the following skills:
Ability to recognize the coins from different denominations, times and epochs
Ability to incorporate numismatics in researches and studies
Ability to publish on ancient coins

Dates: 15 – 29 August
Course name: Coinage of the Ancient World
Professional field: Classics, History, Archaeology
Course type: Bachelor/Master
Hours: Lectures 30 / Exercises 15
Credits (ECTS): 6
Place: Bulgaria, Sofia
Price: 850 Euro

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