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Historical Archaeology Field School - Tasmania, Australia 16 - 20 Feb 2015

Lynn Hill

This field school provides direct experience in historical archaeological field methods, including general site recording, plan and section drawing, oral history recording, document analysis and artefact analysis. The field school will contain some lecture and workshop content, but will mostly be directed towards teaching students the in-depth practical recording and assessment skills necessary for professional historical archaeological practice.

In 2015, the Historical Archaeology Field School will be run in conjunction with the Derwent Valley Council and the Friends of Willow Court in New Norfolk, Tasmania, at the site of the historic Willow Court, Australia's oldest continuously used lunatic asylum.From 1827 New Norfolk was the home of Willow Court, Tasmania’s first Asylum, which later became known as the Willow Court Training Centre and part of the Royal Derwent Hospital. The Asylum operated continuously in the one location until 2000.  “The Barracks” is the original and oldest part that can still be viewed today.


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