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Brazil Claudio Cutiao Field School


Brazil Claudio Cutiao

June 28 – August 1, 2015


The 2015 field season will involve mapping and excavation at the archaeological site of Claudio Cutião. Our primary research question for this season is to determine the site boundaries and its internal variability. Due to the perishable nature of building materials in the Amazon, there are no visible architectural features on the surface or below. But local soils have been enriched by organic waste and human actions and created distinct phenomena called ‘terra preta’ (‘black earth’) soils. We will examine site organization based on variations in these 'terra preta' soils as well as the distribution of artifacts. For more information visit the field school website.

Connecticut College will award each student 8 semester credit units (12 quarter units). Tuition includes credit units, and room and board. 

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