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Israel Tel Beth-Shemesh Field School


Israel Tel Beth-Shemesh Field School

May 31 – June 27, 2015


The Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavation Project has been run as a field school since 1990, where students from all over the world come together to learn the many aspects of archaeological field research: excavations methods and techniques, surveying with laser-based equipment, data acquisition and recording, artifact cataloguing, and cultural contextualizing. This summer our excavation team will concentrate in the northern area of the site in order to explore cultural diversity, continuity, and changes from Level 4 (10th Century BCE) down to Level 9 (13th Century BCE). For more information visit the field school website.

Connecticut College will award each student 8 semester credit units (12 quarter units). Tuition includes credit units, and room and board.

Contact Information

Institute for Field Research

1855 Industrial St. #106, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Telephone: (424) 226-6130


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