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Italy Pran’e Siddi Landscape Project


Italy Pran’e Siddi Landscape Project

June 14 – July 11, 2015


The Pran'e Siddi Landscape Project was formed to conduct a more thorough investigation of Nuragic climate, environment, land use, and economic practices in the Siddi region. We are interested in finding out what kinds of pressures – social, environmental, and/or economic – could have made the Nuragic people abandon their towers on the plateau. Many of the questions we are trying to answer can be addressed through careful analysis of the remains the Nuragic people left behind, including pottery, animal bones, and bone, stone, and ceramic tools. For more information visit the field school website.

Connecticut College will award each student 8 semester credit units (12 quarter units). Tuition includes credit units, and room and board.

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