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Undocumented Migration Project – Ethnography


Undocumented Migration Project – Ethnography

June 21 – July 26, 2015


The Undocumented Migration Project (UMP) field school trains students to use a combination of anthropological field methods to understand clandestine migration. Participants in this program will study migrants who are making their way north. Researchers will interview individual migrants, and the items they carry with them will be documented and photographed. In addition, an ethnoarchaeological study of the many places that border crossers frequent (e.g., humanitarian shelters and temporary camp sites) will be carried out. For more information visit the field school website.

Connecticut College will award each student 8 semester credit units (12 quarter units). Tuition includes credit units, and room and board.

Contact Information

Institute for Field Research

1855 Industrial St. #106, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Telephone: (424) 226-6130


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