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Montenegro – Vrbicka Cave Field School


Montenegro – Vrbicka Cave Field School

June 21 – July 26, 2015


The territory of Montenegro is one of only a few regional hotspots with concentrations of Paleolithic and Mesolithic sites in southeastern Europe. The focus of our investigations is the site of Vrbicka Cave and its immediate environs, located in western Montenegro. The 2015 season will expand the excavation areas open thus far. Research will focus on gaining better understanding of the use of the cave space for specialized activities during different phases of its occupation. In addition, research will include a survey of surrounding landscapes for locating sources of flint deposits that might have been used by prehistoric foragers. For more information visit the field school website.

Connecticut College will award each student 8 semester credit units (12 quarter units). Tuition includes credit units, and room and board.

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