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Intensive Practical Course on Roman Archaeology 2015



This project offers to the students and volunteers to become part of the archaeological excavations of a Roman fortress situated near the modern town of Montana (North-Western Bulgaria). The field school features a unique combination of fieldwork, on-site instruction by expert archaeologists, and visits to major museums and open-air sites. Participants will have chance to get their minds, hands, and shovels into the material vestiges of a significant site. The field school offers field work processing and recording artifacts, different lectures and a visit to near-by archaeological location.

Period: Roman 1st – 3rd c. AD

8 places available per session. No previous experience necessary


Session 1: August 1-21;

Session 2: August 22 - September 11

Minimum length of stay: one session - 3 weeks

Admission Fee: 1187 EUR (app. 1471 USD)

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