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Summer Program in Museology 2015


This project will guide the students and the volunteers through the history and methodology of the museums work. Within 14 days we are going to visit more than 20 museums and open air monuments. We will discuss different aspects of the museum management and collection keeping. The course incorporates close connections with the museum's staff including on-site lectures and free discussion. Our participants will have the chance to accompany the museum curators in course of their daily work and to gain experience on museum exhibitions, design, collections care and working with visitors.

Periods: Greek 5th - 4th c. BC; Roman 1st – 3rd c. BC; Byzantine 4th - 7th c. BC; Medieval 8th - 14th c. BC

5 places available per session. No previous experience necessary


Session 1:  June 18-31;

Session 2: August 1-14, 2015

Regular Admission Fee: 1490 EUR (app. 1846 USD)


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