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National Park Service 2015 Archaeological Prospection Workshop

Jennifer Palmer

National Park Service’s 2015 Archaeological Prospection Workshop

*The National Park Service’s 2015 workshop on archaeological prospection
techniques entitled Current Archaeological Prospection Advances for
Non-Destructive Investigations in the 21st Century *will be held May 25-29,
2015, at the Tobias-Thompson Complex sites in Rice County, Kansas.
Lodging will be at the Lyons Inn and the Celebration Center in Lyons,
Kansas. The lectures will be at the Community Room at the Lyons State Bank
in Lyons, Kansas. The field exercises will take place at the
Tobias-Thompson Complex sites in Rice County, Kansas. Eight sites showcase
the Little River Focus of the Great Bend Aspect dating from 1500-1700 AD.
The sites have been related to the historic Wichita and may have been among
the villages visited by Coronado in Quivira in 1542. Co-sponsors for the
workshop include the National Park Service’s Midwest Archeological Center
and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, the
Department of Anthropology at Wichita State University, and the
Archaeological Division of the Kansas State Historical Society. This will
be the twenty-fifth year of the workshop dedicated to the use of
geophysical, aerial photography, and other remote sensing methods as they
apply to the identification, evaluation, conservation, and protection of
archaeological resources across this Nation. The workshop will present
lectures on the theory of operation, methodology, processing, and
interpretation with on-hands use of the equipment in the field. There is a
registration charge of $475.00. Application forms are available on the
Midwest Archeological Center’s web page at <>.
Payment may be made by credit card through the Friends of NCPTT for
non-government employees. Federal employees may pay by check, through a
training form (SF-182) or by credit card through the Friends of NCPTT. For
further information, please contact Steven L. DeVore, Archeologist,
National Park Service, Midwest Archeological Center, Federal Building, Room
474, 100 Centennial Mall North, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508-3873: tel: (402)
437-5392, ext. 141; fax: (402) 437-5098; email: <>.


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